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Following the ban on ChatGPT, Italian authorities intend to examine other AI platforms

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(Image credit- Tech Times) Following the temporary prohibition of OpenAI's ChatGPT in March, Italian authorities have disclosed that they intend to evaluate additional artificial intelligence platforms by hiring specialists in an effort to increase scrutiny of the potent technology.

Examining Alternative AI Platforms

After temporarily banning OpenAI's ChatGPT in March, the Italian Data Protection Authority announced its plans to examine further AI platforms and applications. The report states that the agency will add three AI specialists to its personnel who have legal training. Agostino Ghiglia, a Garante Board member, said that if more investigations are required when the evaluation is over, they will be opened. "We want to know if these new tools are addressing issues linked to data protection and privacy laws compliance," he said. "We plan to launch a wide-scope review of generative and machine learning AI applications which are available online." [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Italy watchdog to review other AI systems after ChatGPT brief ban - Tech - SAMAA Image credit- SAMAA[/caption] This action is the agency's most recent attempt to restrict a technology that has the potential to harm both society and company operations by using the legal framework already in place. Ghiglia stated that the board has 144 employees and is composed of legal professionals, significantly fewer than its EU counterparts in France, Spain, and Britain. Garante is regarded as one of the 31 national data protection authorities in charge of enforcing the General Data Protection Regulation that is most proactive. According to Silicon, this is also the first agency to have banned the AI chatbot developer Replika in February, fined the creator of the facial recognition program Clearview AI, and placed limitations on TikTok in Europe. Also read: Is Amazon Chat App Launching Soon ? – See Details As they simply investigate digital tools and apps after they become popular and readily available in the market, the board members frequently become aware of the potential violations of privacy rules. Additionally, a number of AI-powered products are developing swiftly, which is why the agency became aware that ChatGPT did not adhere to EU data privacy laws.  

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