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For Security Reasons, Installing A New Router Is A Must

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Photo Credit: PCMag The WiFi routers that were available earlier lack the security keys, as they cannot be updated regularly, even if you are not looking for speed, upgrading to a new router is a must for staying safe. Many people assume if the internet is slow, it doesn't matter especially at home because the work that is done here is minimal, not really understanding the need to upgrade. But the fact is that you need to upgrade. Is it time to upgrade your router? – High Speed Crow Photo Credit: High Speed Crow

Difference between old and new routers

Firstly, we need to understand the terms, before discussing old or new routers or the internet speed being fast or slow. Almost all the routers are WiFi enabled. If you bought your router five years ago and it was already an old model at the time, you're even further out of touch with contemporary WiFi technology. In the context of routers, new refers to router models that have been released in the recent few years within the last three years is even better. The internet speed being fast or slow depends on people’s perspective but here, we are looking at the relation between internet speed and router’s hardware. Many people have this query, “is it ok that the internet is slow and the router is slow?” The question is legitimate as it should not really matter how old the router is even though it has a 50Mbps connection. The answer is, it matters. The router is not only for speed but a whole lot of other features.

There is no update on security in old routers

Even if you are not looking for speed or any other fancy features, security is the most important reason to update to a new router. Is Your Old Router a Security Risk? Photo Credit: Clark Howard There was a time when you would turn on your system to check your emails or play games but it is not done anymore. Almost all of the houses are online the whole time including the TV set through which we watch our beloved webseries. All our gadgets are smart through which we check our medical records, bank accounts etc. Keeping the internet usage, is it really safe to use an old router which has literally no updates? No. You're stuck with whatever vulnerabilities were revealed after the last round of patches for your router. You will also be unable to use the most powerful Wi-Fi encryption with your devices. An elaborate router is not what is required but all you need is secure router with all the latest updates.

Hardware is weak in old router

Most of us have had the experience of upgrading our computers and then being astounded at how much better the computing experience was after the upgrade. Here, we are not even talking about players gaining an advantage in AAA games or other hard pursuits. We're talking about things like opening files, browsing the web, and so on. Not many people give much thought about the WiFi router’s processing or the hardware it is built on. Though there is not much difference between the activity of watching a video on a 2013 system to 2023 system. In ten years, there is so much improvement in the hardware and optimizations make a whole lot of difference. The Best Smart Home Devices for 2023 | PCMag Photo Credit: PCMag The old router’s CPU is weaker along with radios not being strong and the ports too are weak. You can surely connect a brand new iPhone to an old router but the router is not able to handle the WiFi as it was not available or even built. The switch from an old router to a new router is pleasantly surprising seeing how quickly the web page loads and the posts are so swiftly loaded, which makes you realize that you did not need a new TV set but a modern WiFi router. Also Read: Consider Upgrading To A Smart Thermometer For Healthy Reasons

You cannot overuse old WiFi routers

Back in the days when the WiFi came in, there were hardly any devices at home and due to which there was no need to use them all at once. But today, the scenario has completely changed, almost every other gadget at home is WiFi enabled like phones, TV, laptops etc which require high broadband width. A secure router that can be accessed from your home’s devices with a steady connection with the latest hardware which can be used by multiple devices all at once is what you need.

Buy a router that improves the quality of your life

Buying a router is similar to purchasing a car. Speed is not the criteria while buying a car, there are many other features that you look for, unless you are looking for a racing car. Will an average person actually go at the maximum speed offered by the company? No. You Might Have Too Many Devices on Your Wi-Fi Network (Here's How to Tell) Photo Credit: iDrop News A car should have leg space, comfortable seats, latest technology etc. Similarly, most consumers do not need to purchase a cutting-edge performance router with a theoretical throughput capacity 20 times greater than their broadband connection. But, they should purchase a modern router that has all of the quality-of-life advances in Wi-Fi and router technology that we've seen over the years. Reading the above reasons and thinking of investing in a new router, go for an inexpensive  router with a single mesh which has enough features and if you want more features, you can simply extend your mesh nodes.

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