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Ford’s Latitude AI Wants to Assist You Drive Despite Without Looking at the Road

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Ford’s Latitude AI Wants to Assist You Drive Despite Without Looking at the Road-GadgetAny

Ford Creates Latitude AI Subsidiary To Develop Advanced Driver Assist Tech. (Image credit- Motor1.com)

Ford has presented the most recent advancements for its self-driving features as part of its “Latitude AI” project.

By being able to drive autonomously, it would eliminate the need for the car’s in-cabin sensors to determine whether or not a driver is paying attention or looking at the road.

Also, it would soon replace the Ford BlueCruise, a feature of the company’s current autonomous driving technology that always requires driver attention.

With a subsidiary firm dubbed “Latitude AI,” Ford unveiled the most recent advancement to its self-driving feature coming to its vehicles, especially the electric ones.

Ford's new AI company wants to create hands-free, eyes-off driver assist systems
Image credit- Yahoo

This feature would be focused on providing a hands-free and “eyes off” capability that will let the driver shift his attention away from operating the car and let the system take control of it instead.

It will be comparable to the autonomous driving features offered by other companies, such as Tesla, Waymo, GM’s Cruise, and others.

The business is working on Latitude AI, which it promised will be included in Ford’s upcoming lineup of automobiles but is not yet accessible to the general public.

Ford assembled a 550-person team to focus on the creation of Latitude AI. Furthermore, read Ford Files US Patent for Auto-Repossession Technology. With Latitude AI commandeering vehicles at will to drive safely and precisely, BlueCruise will soon be history.

Ford launches automated driving unit Latitude AI months after winding down Argo
Image credit- CNBC

Ford’s approach to autonomous driving attempts to match Tesla’s Autopilot and Full-Self Driving capabilities back when there were few electric vehicles available from only a few manufacturers, especially when Tesla was the emerging star in the industry. With the BlueCruise technology that was first introduced on the Mustang Mach-E electric vehicle, this is possible.

Understandably, consumers contrasted Ford’s BlueCruise to the BlueCruise of the Mustang Mach-E, and at the time, consumers were more interested in the amenities offered by Tesla.

Yet, Ford constantly improves the BlueCruise feature, such as when it added the automated lane change capability. The vehicle has a lot of tricks up its sleeve.

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The BlueCruise continues to be a recognizable automotive feature for the Mustang Mach-E and the electric F-150 Lightning today. That will soon change, though, as Ford is getting rid of its limiting characteristics for autonomous features like the driver’s attention as Latitude AI appears to be the latest success story for the company.

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