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Former Google Engineer Concerns About the Hazards of AI Chatbots

(Image Credit Google)

Former Google Engineer Warns About the Dangers of AI After Claiming Chatbot Became Sentient. (Image credit- NewsBreak)

A former Google engineer, Blake Lemoine, voiced his concerns about the dangers posed by chatbots that are powered by AI. Also, he believes that the AI bots that are currently being created are the most formidable technological advancements. In July 2022, Google released engineer Blake Lemoine after he violated the company's confidentiality policy. He said that artificial intelligence-powered chatbots, like the ones Google is currently developing, are sentient. He wrote in an opinion post for Newsweek on his concerns about the risks posed by AI chatbots as his predictions came true. Additionally, Lemoine claims that the most significant technological development since the atomic bomb is represented by the most recent models. Yet, it is possible to fundamentally alter the course of events through the use of this potent technology. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="594"]Former Google Engineer Expresses Concerns Regarding AI Chatbots' Risks | Tech Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] Lemoine claims that the greatest significant technological breakthrough since the atomic explosion is represented by the most recent models. It is possible to profoundly alter the path of history by the use of this potent technology. While he experimented with Microsoft's Bing AI chatbot, he voiced his worries. The word "vindicated" doesn't adequately express how he felt in this circumstance. Lemoine claimed that it is tragic to foresee a train wreck even when people are telling you there isn't one, particularly when he sees the accident take place in real-time. "It's essentially impossible to run the same experiments on it that I did on Google's LaMDA. It bails to canned responses constantly," he wrote. Most importantly, in order to prevent possible abuse, risks, and the ability to manipulate consumers, he added that he would like to see AI put through more testing before being made available to the general public. He asserted that this technology, which is still in its experimental stages, is extremely risky given that several companies have just begun to release it. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Google engineer put on leave after saying AI chatbot has become sentient | Google | The Guardian Image credit- The Guardian[/caption] A Google spokesperson reportedly said there is no proof to back up Lemoine's claims that the company's AI developed information in June, according to reports. According to Google's Senior Vice President and Head of the Search Engine, AI could cause dreams. He stated that in order to minimize negative effects and these types of drawbacks, reliance on AI bots must be kept to a minimum. Also read: Tesla: Autopilot Engineer Claims 2016 Self-Driving Video is Fake and Was Edited On the other hand, Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, referred to AI models as technology that is several generations old. Users have turned provocation into a game by attempting to find methods to con the model's programming into doing incorrect things, according to the reports. Since it is unclear who is to blame if you provoke the system, he thinks AI models pose no danger.

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