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Formula 1 is selling a memorable souvenir and it is causing a rift among fans

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Image Source: Marca The events of December 12, 2021, rippled across F1 fandom, with many choosing a side and fighting for it with everything they had. Some claimed Hamilton was robbed of his ninth world championship, while others considered it was just a stewarding decision that helped Verstappen win his first. There were similar divisions in the paddock, with Red Bull believing their driver had earned his title fairly and squarely, and Mercedes engineers astonished by the decision. After the race, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff stepped on the radio to talk with Masi, and the world heard the Austrian begging with the race director about his choice. On the television broadcast, he was heard saying, "No Michael, no, this was totally not right." [caption id="attachment_131616" align="aligncenter" width="275"]Rivalry Image Source: The Times[/caption] Something was clearly wrong with the judgment, since when the next F1 season began in 2022, Masi was out of a job, and that should have been the end of it. Yet all of that rage is being resurrected in a new Formula One exhibition that has just opened in Barcelona, Spain. The F1 Exhibition appears to be a fascinating deep dive into the sport's history, with sections dedicated to Formula One's history, drivers, and the design of the vehicles that race in it. There's also a "survival" compartment, which has the burnt remnants of Romain Grosjean's Haas racer. The actual highlight of the show, according to Sports Illustrated, is the gift store, where you can buy all kinds of F1-related memorabilia. A mug branded with a phrase from team radio has stirred outrage among supporters. I hear you asking what quote could have so enraged supporters. Of course, it's "No Michael, No," as yelled by Wolff in Abu Dhabi. Some are already upset about the merchandise, with one Twitter user claiming that Formula One is "rubbing their bare-faced corruption in our faces." Do you agree with those sentiments, or is it simply the sport's attempt to profit from one of the most memorable radio moments in recent history?

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