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Fossil Is Bringing Out Upgrade To Wear OS 3

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Fossil Is Bringing Out Upgrade To Wear OS 3-GadgetAny
Fossil Is Bringing Out Upgrade To Wear OS 3

Fossil is starting to bring out the Wear OS 3 upgrade to its Gen 6 watches today, as promised when the “Wellness Edition” was revealed last week.

The UI is quite “stock” and matches the Montblanc Summit 3 and Pixel Watch. While some buttons have been moved around and some icons have changed, Quick Settings mostly match Google’s first-party wearable. At the bottom, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi status, and battery life are displayed.

You can ping your phone, change the brightness, enable Touch lock, Do Not Disturb, go to Theater mode, Airplane mode, and Battery (different icon), access Settings, and enable or disable Ring.

The main/center button when pressed launches a launcher with apps in pill-shaped cards that appear to be the Pixel Watch’s updated Alarm, Stopwatch, and Timer apps (powered by Google Clock). You may access “Recents” using the top button, with some apps marking live activity.

Fossil Is Bringing Out Upgrade To Wear OS 3

Many Fossil Gen 6 users who requested the Wear OS 3 upgrade from the Settings applications are seeing it today, although not all of them are successful in what should be a gradual rollout. For instance, the Razer x Fossil Gen 6, Skagen Falster Gen 6, Michael Kors Gen 6, and Fossil Gen 6 are all included.

Your Fossil device and data will be erased after updating to Wear OS 3, so you must start afresh. The Fossil Smartwatches app (Android, iOS) must be downloaded by users in order to configure and administer the wearable. Make sure you are using the application’s 5.1.1 version. Additionally not yet available is the new Google Assistant, but Amazon Alexa is.

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