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Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus users report blurry photos

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Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus users report blurry photos-GadgetAny
Galaxy S23 Ultra

New smartphones frequently experience problems, and the majority of these are typically software bugs. However, the Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus don’t seem to have that problem. Images on the phones appear to be fuzzy due to a malfunctioning main lens.

Several Samsung S23 and S23 Plus customers report seeing blurs in the form of bananas or rings in photos taken with the devices. The photographs basically have some areas that are fuzzy and out of focus.

The same worries have also been expressed by other Reddit members. Even the SamMobile staff was able to reproduce the problem, according to at least one report from a Galaxy S23 built in India.

The issue appears to have persisted from some Galaxy S22 and S22+ devices, as several have noted in this thread on the Samsung Community site (available in German), and its successors continue to use the same 50MP primary rear camera and, presumably, the same production source. Nevertheless, as a Redditor correctly notes, this seems to be distinct from the Galaxy S22/S22+ edge blur issue from the previous year, which was generally ignored.

Regarding these reports, Samsung has not yet issued a response to the public. Owners battling this issue have been speaking with customer service directly.

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