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Gaming on AMD Ryzen 7000 Slow Due to Windows 11 Thread Scheduler

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A recent test revealed that Windows 11 has an impact on the AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU's performance. Users thus experience slower speeds, particularly when gaming. Users of AMD Ryzen 7000 Affected by Windows 11 Operating System According to the Pocket Lint article, AMD Ryzen 7000 users who utilize the Windows 11 operating system may notice that their computer is not performing as quickly as it should be. The distinction is noticeable, particularly when playing games. Despite being a very competent processor, Windows 11 does not fully utilize the AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU's capabilities. This is particularly accurate in the case of fast-paced games. CapFrameX and Hardware Unboxed's tests on the Ryzen 7000 on a Windows 11 system revealed its performance. These two accounts tweeted their findings, demonstrating how the Windows 11 thread scheduler might be the source of the issue. Gaming on AMD Ryzen 7000 Slow Due to Windows 11 Thread Scheduler The outcomes demonstrated that the older AMD CPUs could get 176 frames per second when playing "Metro Exodus." When the Ryuzen 7950 processor was employed, this value dropped to 151 frames per second. The thread scheduler impacted the frame rates as a result of the new chip's double Core Compute Die (CCD) design. Additionally, testing revealed that turning off the second CCD on the most recent chip had no effect on performance. However, it is unlikely that owners of flagship CPUs would desire to disable specific components of the chip. CapFrameX investigated what might transpire if users turned off simultaneous multithreading.

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