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Get free Wi-Fi anywhere – Here’s how

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Get free Wi-Fi anywhere – Here’s how-GadgetAny
Wi-Fi anywhere

Internet dependency has increased a hundred times more recently, especially after the pandemic. People require a reliable internet connection for everything – from doing office or school work to attending virtual meetings or classes or for entertainment. But, sometimes, there are places where users do not get a reliable internet connection. However, here’s how they can get free Wi-Fi anywhere and get online via a hotspot. 

What is a Hotspot? 

It is a central location or device offering wireless internet access. Additionally, any network device can connect to a hotspot with the proper access. And users might also be able to use their smartphones as a hotspot. However, it depends on their mobile provider and plan. 

Furthermore, there are two types of hotspots – private and public. A private hotspot is where users pay their mobile provider to create one with their smartphones. Hence, the phone becomes the physical device that offers wireless internet access to other WiFi-enabled gadgets. 

Wi-Fi anywhere

On the other hand, a business offering internet service to its customers is an example of a public hotspot. Fortunately, many free, public Wi-Fi connections are hotspots. But, there are specific differences between Wi-Fi and a hotspot. 

The difference between Wi-Fi and Hotspot

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology that devices use to send data to other devices. Meanwhile, hotspots are physical locations or a device. Thus, having WiFi means a router provides a connection to all the wireless gadgets through an internet service provider. Additionally, users can secure a private Wi-Fi network with strong passwords. Hence, they can control who and what connects to their WiFi. However, public hotspots are accessible to anyone within their range. 

Where can you get free Wi-Fi or public hotspots?

Free Wi-Fi or public hotspots are available in coffee shops, libraries, hotels, restaurants, gyms, etc. Users can use Instabridge or Wi-Fi Map apps (Android or iOS) to search for free internet. They will display a map with places nearby where free Wi-Fi or hotspots are available. Most apps also allow users to track login requirements and hotspot reviews. 

Here’s how to set up and use a free internet connection

For free Wi-Fi
  • First, the device should be Wi-Fi enabled with the Wi-Fi turned on. 
  • Open a browser and then open the device’s network settings.
  • Select the free public Wi-Fi connection. 
  • If it is public, users will get connected automatically. (Note: Some businesses require users’ email addresses and agreement on their T&S to allow users to use their free WiFi. Meanwhile, some offer login and password details to their customers.)

Wi-Fi anywhere

For private hotspot

Private hotspot connections are not free, but they are pretty handy. In addition, users might already have personal hotspot capabilities on their devices, depending on their mobile provider and plan. If not, they can ask their provider for the charge of that option. Also, users can choose between using their smartphone as a hotspot or purchasing a dedicated device.

What’s more

The Federal Communications Commission launched the Keep Americans Connected initiative in 2020. It was to help citizens keep their broadband and telephone connectivity during the pandemic. In addition, Comcast extended free public Wi-Fi to anyone during the same year. Since then, many providers have extended those benefits to 2022. Hence, users can check with these providers to know their options. So, users can get online anywhere with free public Wi-Fi and hotspots. 

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