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Get Microsoft's Big New Windows 11 Update

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Back in September 2023, Microsoft gave its massive Windows 11 update, known as KB5031455, to the Windows Insider beta testers. Now, this update is not just for testers; it's available for everyone and will be officially released on November 14.

Exciting 'Moment 4' Update Of Windows 11

If you use Windows, you've probably heard about the 'Moment 4' update for Windows 11. This update is huge and brings many new features and improvements, not just related to security.

Meet Windows Copilot AI Assistant

At the top of the list is the Windows Copilot AI Assistant. This is something many users have been waiting for. It's like having a helpful assistant on your computer. It can adjust your computer settings, find answers for you, locate files on your computer, and even create content like stories or drawings based on your text requests. Read More- How to Access Desktop Versions of Websites on Mobile Devices

Other Cool Features

The update also includes features like the ability to hover over Recommended files in the Start menu, a better volume mixer, the option to hide the date and time in the system tray, new notification views, and an improved File Explorer Home powered by WinUI. It also adds more support for file types like .rar files and includes security updates like Passkey support.

Updates for Task Manager

  • Every page now has a new command bar that provides access to frequently used functions.
  • Task Manager will automatically reflect the Settings-configured system-wide theme.
  • Added an efficiency mode that lets you control how much of a process's resources are used.
  • Updated Task Manager's user interface

Various Category Improvements

The update covers a wide range of features in categories like Windows Share, Backup and Restore, Voice Access, Narrator, and more. To get this update sooner, make sure you've selected the "Get the latest updates as soon as they are available" option in your Windows Update settings. Otherwise, you'll automatically receive the update on November 14 during the next Patch Tuesday.

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