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Gigabyte New Monitor Fits Both Desk PCs

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Gigabyte New Monitor Fits Both Desk PCs-GadgetAny

Gigabyte If you on looking for the next gaming monitor, you may come across excellent options and others that are a bit odder. The latest Gigabyte monitor, however, is fantastic if you’re someone with multiple computers on their desk.
Gigabyte has unveiled a selection of new gaming monitors comprising models like the G24F 2 and G27F 2. The first is a 23.8-inch model with a 180Hz refresh rate, and the second is a 27-inch model with an asynchronous speed of 165Hz. One that could be the most appealing, but it’s that of the M27F. It is similar to the features identified as its predecessor, the G27F 2, except that it supports KVM. This means that the monitor allows you to use the same mouse, keyboard, and monitor on your second system and switch between devices without hassle.


In addition, this monitor is a typical, high-refresh-rate gaming display. The IPS display comes with 1080p resolution, an aspect ratio of 16:9 and the contrast ratio is 1000:1 static, 16.7 million colors, 95% DCI P3, and 130 percent SRGB coverage. If your system doesn’t support 4K gaming and you’re looking for something powerful that doesn’t cost a budget, these Gigabyte displays might be an excellent option. In addition, you may benefit from this KVM option if you own multiple systems.


The M27F A will be sold at $260, whereas the G24F 2 and G27F 2 will cost you around $160 and $200. For more details on the official website.

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