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Gmail Abandon Icon Labels in Its Navigation Bar: Update

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Gmail Abandon Icon Labels in Its Navigation Bar: Update-GadgetAny

Reportedly, Google has welcomed Material You design guidelines in a big way, and Gmail is no exception. So now,  you can enjoy a few extra pixels of room to read your email previews.

Last year, we came across the Gmail Android app’s new look, and in addition to the dynamic color theming, we’ve seen the bottom bar in the app dwindle.  Additionally, Google is now continuing to remove all the space from that bar and is doing away with the icon labels in Gmail.

Subsequently, the bottom bar in Gmail enables you to switch between Gmail, Chat (formerly Hangouts), Spaces, and Google Meet, with icons for each appropriately labeled. However, as per reports, some users never even had those labels.

After Gmail ditches the icon from the navigation bar, the titles appear to go away for all Gmail users in its version 2022.08.07.x. Moreover, the icons in Gmail’s navigation bar are unique, and with users well-versed enough with the frequently used icons for tools, those labels aren’t needed. 

Still, it is hard to mark any such significant benefit from taking the time to remove these labels. Meanwhile, we can conclude that it frees up a tiny bit of screen real estate; we’re discussing a few meager pixels on super-tall modern smartphones, and hardly enough to change how you interact with the app. 

Although this is just the first move in a shift we’ll see across Google apps, so far, this is the only place we’ve noticed it. Now and then, this change is already rolling out to Gmail users, but you may not see it immediately unless you have auto-updates for the app.

While we checked the availability of the new update of removing icon labels from navigation in Gmail, one phone kept its icon labels. At the same time, despite running the same version, another didn’t have them, so there could be a server-side component to the move.

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