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Gmail Update: Will Now Ask You For Verification For Adding Forwarding Address

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image credit - apps.apple.com Google said in a blog post on Wednesday that Gmail may add an extra verification step when you try to do things like add a return address or change your filters. The extra step could stop a bad person with access to your account from filtering emails in ways you don't expect or sending emails to a new address without you knowing. Google is rolling out a new important security alert system to help protect account holders when "sensitive actions" are taken that affect their Gmail account. This is why they are giving this advice. Also read - Gmail to add an extra verification step when attempting ‘sensitive actions’

New Security Addresses Gmail Sensitive Actions

From Google's post, here are some of the situations where the extra step might be added: [caption id="attachment_191825" align="aligncenter" width="643"]gmail security image credit - apps.apple.com[/caption]
  • Filters -making a new one, changing an old one, or adding filters. 
  • Forwarding - Using the Forwarding and POP/IMAP settings to add a new forwarding address. 
  • IMAP access -Setting the settings to allow IMAP access. (Workspace owners decide if end users can see this setting or not.) 

How Does a Sensitive Action in Gmail Affect Things?

Also read - Google Planning To Add Emoji Reaction To Gmail If you try to change those settings and Google thinks it's "risky," you'll be asked to prove that you are the person trying to make the change. If that task doesn't work or isn't finished, you'll get a "critical security alert" to let you know that something might be wrong. Google has said it will "evaluate the session attempting the action" to figure out how dangerous it is. It hasn't said exactly how this analysis works, but that's because it doesn't want bad players to be able to manipulate the process too much. But if one of the above sensitive acts is found to be risky, Gmail will show a message asking the account holder for more proof of who they are. This will need a "second and trusted factor" to be done, like entering a 2FA code from an authenticator app, text message, phone call, Google Prompts, or a hardware security key. All Google Workspace customers and people with personal Google accounts will be able to use the extra protection. However, Google says that "this feature only supports users who use Google as their identity provider and actions taken within Google products." Google added a similar verification prompt for "sensitive actions taken in your Google Workspace account" last year.

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