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Google Bard introduces images for more visual responses

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Google Bard introduces images for more visual responses-GadgetAny
Google Bard

Image credit : The Guardian

A number of upcoming Bard features were shown off by Google at I/O 2023, and image support has already begun to roll out.

With the most recent update (2023.05.23), Bard will occasionally return photos (from Google Search) so you can see the responses. If you ask for fascinating places to visit, for instance (“What are some must-see sights in LA?”), each suggestion will come with a photo.

Why: Images can help you communicate your ideas more effectively. They can bring concepts to life, make recommendations more persuasive, and enhance responses when you ask for visual information.

Meanwhile, you can ask for photos directly like any other image search (e.g., “show me pictures of roses”).

The site name and favicon are displayed in the top-right corner, with images showing beneath each bullet point. While lingering over the link displays the URL and a right-click menu, tapping on it activates it.

With Google soon allowing users to submit an image to Bard and ask a question or make a request of it, this is only the first visual update. Share a photo of two dogs, for instance, and ask Bard to “write a funny caption about these two.” Image analysis makes use of Google Lens.

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Additionally, Adobe Firefly for picture production will be supported.

A dark theme, support for Korean and Japanese, Gmail/Docs export, and English availability in more than 180 countries were added to Google Bard during I/O.

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