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Google Contacts Shows Contact Data Saved To Assistant

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Google Contacts Shows Contact Data Saved To Assistant-GadgetAny
Google Contacts Shows Contact Data Saved To Assistant

The Google Contacts app will soon get a new Assistant-related function. When you couldn’t touch your phone, you might have called a friend or family member using the voice assistant. If you frequently make calls using voice commands, you’ll be pleased to see a new card in the Google Contacts app that contains all the information Assistant has about particular saved phone numbers.

The first time you use the relationship as an identifier, you typically need to explain to Google Assistant how you are related to a contact. For instance, if you just say, “Call my girlfriend,” Assistant won’t know which contact belongs to her. Through Google Assistant, you must add contacts and extra information to the Contacts.

The Google Contacts app now includes a new card for contact entries that includes all the information Assistant uses to identify that person, such as their address, relationship to you, name pronunciation, and date of birth. In essence, everything Assistant knows about your contact is gathered on the new card.

You should therefore see a pop-up stating that Assistant information is now in Contacts if you update to the most recent version of the Google Contacts app. You can now search and add Assistant information directly in the Contacts app, saving you the time it would otherwise take to go back and forth between your contacts and the Assistant settings.

You are redirected to the Your People page in the Assistant settings after tapping the settings management button on this new card. You can form a family group connected to your Google account or add new contact associations to the list. This useful improvement to the Contacts app improves the quality of life. Hopefully, Google will eventually give this new card more features.

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