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Google debuts Pixel Fold in an unlisted advertisement

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Google debuts Pixel Fold in an unlisted advertisement-GadgetAny
Google Pixel

(Image credit- Digital Trends)

A YouTube advertisement features footage of the Pixel Fold in advance of its anticipated presentation at Google I/O later today.

The unlisted YouTube video, as per reports, has various NBA stars as well as numerous up-close views of the impending Pixel Fold in regular use.

The link, with the title “Google Pixel x NBA: The Greatest Watch Party,” was distributed in a tweet sent out by the official Google Pixel account Friday night. Given that the tweet teased readers to “check back in tomorrow,” it appears like Google tweeted the link before it was ready.

Google Pixel Fold teased with pricing and availability
Image credit- Smartprix

Nevertheless, it’s probably wise to not give it too much thought since the tweet also features a photo of MVP Joel Embiid holding the Pixel Fold.

The movie not only shows the Pixel Fold from several perspectives, but it also illustrates some of its functions. The Fold is seen closed, fully open, and set on a desk partially open at a 90-degree angle, with lots of hinge (and bezel) activity.

Another example of how the camera feed can fluidly move between the internal and external displays involves a mock video chat with Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Google's Pixel Fold Phone Is Coming This Week: Here's What to Expect - CNET
Image credit- CNET

The Pixel Fold’s specifications are not disclosed in the video. According to reliable leaker Roland Quandt, the gadget has a 5.8-inch (2092×1080, 408 ppi) OLED on the outside and a 7.6-inch (2208×1840, 379 ppi) OLED on the inside.

Screenshot of the Pixel Fold being used in real-world scenarios taken from the “Google Pixel x NBA: The Greatest Watch Party” advertisement.
Google and the NBA have a comparatively long-standing connection.

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The search engine giant built the Pixel Arena last year, a virtual arena where fans can watch the NBA, and the 2023 NBA Playoffs are “presented by Google Pixel.” Google has already worked with the NBA on commercials; back in October, it unveiled a video ad for the Pixel 7 that was similar.


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