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Google Discover Now Allows Blocking Specific YouTube Channels

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Google Discover Now Allows Blocking Specific YouTube Channels-GadgetAny
Youtube in Google Discover

Google is bringing a much-requested feature to the Discover app. As a result, users will now be able to fine-tune videos that appear in their Discover feeds by blocking the YouTube channels they don’t like.  

Google Discover feed mainly features blog content from around the internet. In addition, it sometimes even shows Reddit posts and videos from YouTube and YouTube Shorts. Furthermore, Google Discover does offer ways for users to curate what appears in their feeds. Additionally, it uses users’ Search history to determine topics that don’t interest users, even blocking certain websites from appearing. 

Youtube in Google Discover


However, users could not block specific YouTube channels in Google Discover. The only option users got was to block YouTube from appearing entirely. But that wasn’t a feasible option as the platform contains myriads of diverse channels and creators. 

But now, Google updated Discover with the “Don’t show content from [channel] on YouTube” option to allow users to block specific channels. Thus, if users want to stop seeing content from a particular YouTube channel on their feeds, they need to select this option. 


Besides, this option will give users more control over their feed customization. On the other hand, the company retained the original “Don’t show content from YouTube” option for users who don’t care much for YouTube videos on their Discover feed. 

What’s more

Youtube in Google Discover


The new feature is still in the experimental stage and is available on both stable and beta versions of the Google Search app on multiple devices. If users cannot see the new option, they must try updating the Discover app from the Google Play Store. Besides, it won’t take much longer for the company to roll out this feature more widely. However, Google’s been known to test new features for the Discover feed for a long time. Nonetheless, let’s hope that won’t be the case this time. 

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