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New Feature in Google Docs to Help in Formating

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New Feature in Google Docs to Help in Formating-GadgetAny
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Google Docs is getting a significant new formatting update to make users’ work more manageable and efficient. The upgrade will allow users to select multiple sections of text at once. For instance, users will soon be able to choose different words throughout a paragraph at once to format them. 

Furthermore, users have been using the format painter tool to format a lot of text. Consequently, they have to highlight one bit of text, format it and copy that formatting to another text. While it is a pretty efficient tool, it requires a lot of clicking depending on the pieces of text users need to change. Hence, the new Google Docs update for formatting will be very beneficial. 

How to use the new Google Docs formatting update

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Selecting multiple sections of a text is pretty simple. First, users need to choose a bit of text how they usually would. After that, press the Command or Control key on a Mac or Windows respectively and hold it down. While pressing the key down, users need to select the other pieces of text they want to format. Then, let go of the key and change the formatting using the toolbar. 

Besides formatting, users can also use the new feature for other things. For instance, users can cut a few paragraphs and move them around or add a comment to multiple sentences using the multi-select update on Google Docs. However, sometimes using the feature wouldn’t be advisable. For example, users cannot change every header in their Google Docs with this update. Thus, it is best to just change the style instead of manually selecting every header. 


Although the multi-select feature might not be ideal for every situation, it is an excellent option available in Google Docs formatting. The reason is that some desktop app word processors don’t have this feature. Lastly, Google will gradually roll out the feature to its customers’ accounts over the next 15 days. So guess we won’t have to wait too long. That’s a relief!

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