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Google execs tell employees in all staff meeting that rival Bard A.I. isn’t just about search

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Image Credit : Entrepreneur Google is under pressure—from its workers. Workers are curious about the strategy for artificial intelligence and search, given the popularity of Microsoft's ChatGPT-powered Bing and the "demoralizing" demo that Google's Bard, the company's response, endured last month. Google employees had the opportunity to ask CEO Sundar Pichai and Bard product lead Jack Krawczyk during an all-hands meeting on Thursday, according to CNBC, which claimed to have audio of the discussion. According to CNBC, a worker posed the following query on Google's internal discussion board Dory: “Bard and ChatGPT are large language models, not knowledge models. They are great at generating human-sounding text, they are not good at ensuring their text is fact-based. Why do we think the big first application should be Search, which at its heart is about finding true information?” Krawczyk, making his all-hands debut, quickly responded, “I just want to be very clear: Bard is not search.” Instead, he said, it’s “a collaborative A.I. service.” “The magic that we’re finding in using the product is really around being this creative companion to helping you be the spark plug for imagination, explore your curiosity, etc.,” he said. But, he added, “We can’t stop users from trying to use it like search.” Of course, Google's investors and employees are constantly thinking about search. When OpenAI released its artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT to the public in late November, questions about how the innovation might challenge Google's supremacy in search arose right away. When Microsoft unveiled a ChatGPT-powered alternative to Google search last month, concerns about that were hardly allayed. (It is currently only accessible to a small number of users, but it will soon be made more broadly available.) Google answered the previous month with a demo of Bard, although it was ruined by the chatbot's factual inaccuracy regarding the James Webb Space Telescope. Wall Street swiftly penalized Alphabet, the parent company of Google, by significantly devaluing its shares. According to CNBC, an employee also asked a question regarding the demo on Thursday, saying, "The first public demo was demoralizing, pushed our stock into a tailspin, and invited significant media coverage. What actually occurred? “Questions like this can be fair and we want to reiterate the fact that Bard has not launched,” Krawczyk replied. “We acknowledged to the world that this is something that we’re experimenting with—we’re testing it. But there’s a lot of excitement in the industry right now.” Another worker reportedly commented, “Launching AI seems like a knee-jerk reaction without a strategy.” “I disagree with the premise of this question” Pichai responded, noting Google has been “working on A.I. for a long time.”

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