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Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Discontinued: What Happened?

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Google Discontinues Sales of Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Google has announced on a support page that it will immediately stop selling its augmented reality glasses, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. This marks the second time that Google has discontinued the head-mounted optical display. The first version, released in 2013, was seen as too expensive and invasive and was discontinued in 2015. Two years later, Google re-entered the market with a revamped version aimed at the business sector, specifically factories and surgeons. The latest version included a faster processor designed for lightweight AR and VR devices. While the announcement didn't provide a reason for the discontinuation, a Google representative stated that the company will continue to build augmented reality into many Google products and will look for ways to bring new and innovative AR experiences across its product portfolio. The discontinuation of the Glass Enterprise Edition 2 comes as a surprise to some, as it was well-received in the business community.

Google's Venture into Smart Glasses

Google has been active in the VR and AR market for years, making its first foray into smart glasses with the release of Google Glass in 2013. However, the initial $1,500 headset received criticism for being too expensive and invasive. The glasses were equipped with a camera, microphone, and head-up display that projected information into the wearer's field of vision. Google's second attempt, the Glass Enterprise Edition, was designed specifically for use in the workplace. The headset featured a more robust build and came with a suite of productivity apps aimed at improving efficiency in factories and other industrial environments. The headset was well-received, with companies such as Boeing and GE using the technology. source: 9to5Google

Google's Future in AR and VR

While the discontinuation of the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 marks the end of an era for Google's smart glasses, the company remains committed to developing AR and VR technology. Google has integrated AR features into many of its products, such as Google Maps, which allows users to navigate cities using augmented reality. Google is also working on Project Starline, a video chat technology that uses high-resolution cameras and displays to create a 3D representation of a person. The technology creates a more immersive video chat experience and could be used in various applications, such as virtual meetings or remote learning. Google's discontinuation of the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 marks the end of its venture into smart glasses for the time being. However, the company remains committed to developing AR and VR technology, and we can expect to see new and innovative products in the future.  

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