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Google Home Redesigned With Home Latest update

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Google Home Redesigned With Home Latest update-GadgetAny
Google Home app update

For the past few years, Google has introduced numerous updates to its Home app. However, the company redesigned its Home app for Android and iOS devices in the recent update. Hence, users can now easily control compatible smart home products with minimum clicks. 

Furthermore, the update added new events Feed tab in the Google Home app. It shows all the significant events from users’ smart home setup and tips to improve their smart home.  “The updates Home Feed tab will automatically show the newest and most important events in your home. Here, you’ll find ways to get more out of your devices and improve your home setup.”

Google Home app update

Therefore, by redesigning the Google Home app, the company aims to show more “Recent and relevant updates.” And it replaces the feed of cards grouped into several sections with a compact list. Thus, each smart home event has an icon, one-line summary, day/date, and description. 

Furthermore, users can Dismiss, Hide a type of event, or Customize Updates in general in the overflow menu. The menu opens with a single tap on the alert. In addition, camera alerts come with image previews with “History” in the top-left corner. Also, the Google Home app shows a “Quiet day at home / No updates for you at this time” background when there’s nothing new. 


The latest Home app update will allow users to see what happens in their homes simultaneously. Thus, they do not have to scroll through a list of repetitive events. Furthermore, Google started rolling out the Feed tab for its Home app several weeks ago. But, it started rolling out widely only this week. Hence, now, all Android and iOS devices have the updated app. Lastly, Google plans to update the Home app for Android tablets later to add a navigation rail. 

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