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Google introduces a large number of physical keyboard shortcuts to Android 14

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Image credit : Real Mi Central It appears that Google wants to highlight its serious plans for large-screen devices, such as foldables and tablets, after formally launching the Pixel Fold. Two weeks ago, Android 14 Beta 2 began to roll out to Pixel phones, bringing with it new features including enhanced screen recording and enhanced split-screen mode. It now appears that the platform will soon get another significant feature. Android guru Mishaal Rahman found a considerably improved keyboard shortcuts menu in Android 14 Beta 2 and shared some screenshots on Twitter. At present time, only large-screen Android 14 devices may view this updated menu. [caption id="attachment_175878" align="aligncenter" width="1054"]android-14-physical-keyboard-shortcuts Screenshot : Twitter[/caption] Also read : 3 Best Ways To Declutter Your Windows Desktop & Easy To Use The list of shortcuts that was previously present in Android 13 and could be found under Settings -> System -> Languages & Input -> Physical Keyboard has been replaced. If your device is running Android 14, the settings menu has undergone a little modification. To access the new menus, go to Settings -> System -> Keyboard -> Physical Keyboard. Here's the complete list of the new 34 shortcut combinations:
  • Access notification shade: Search + N
  • Take a full screenshot: Search + Ctrl + S
  • Access list of shortcuts: Search + /
  • Back button: Search + ~ | Search + Backspace | Search + Left Arrow
  • Access home screen: Search + H | Search + Return
  • Overview of open apps: Search + Tab
  • Cycle through recent apps (forward): Alt + Tab
  • Cycle through recent apps (back): Alt + Shift + Tab
  • Launcher search: Search
  • Hide and show taskbar: Search + T
  • Access system settings: Search + I
  • Access Google Assistant: Search + A
  • Lock screen: Search + L
  • Pull up Notes for quick memo: Search + Ctrl + N
  • Split screen with current app on right: Search + Ctrl + Right Arrow
  • Split screen with current app on left: Search + Ctrl + Left Arrow
  • Switch from split screen to full screen: Search + Ctrl + Up Arrow
  • Move split screen app: Search + Ctrl + Down Arrow
  • Switch input language (next): Ctrl + Space | Search + Space
  • Switch input language (previous): Ctrl + Shift + Space | Ctrl + Search + Space
  • Open assist app: Search + A
  • Open browser app: Search + B
  • Open calculator app: Search + U
  • Open calendar app: Search + K
  • Open contacts app: Search + C
  • Open email app: Search + E
  • Open maps app: Search + M
  • Open music app: Search + P
  • Open SMS app: Search + S
Although Android 14 won't go live until August, those who have signed up for the Android Beta program can already see a preview of the upcoming Google mobile OS. Visit google.com/android/beta or click this link to sign up for the Android 14 Beta program.

By Awanish Kumar

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