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Google introduces a password substitute

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Google introduces a password substitute-GadgetAny

Passkeys—Microsoft, Apple, and Google’s password killer—are finally here (Image credit- Ars Technica)

It might soon be unnecessary to create passwords other than “password123” — at least for your Google accounts.

As an “easier to use and more secure” alternative to passwords, Google on Wednesday started rolling out support for passkeys, an alternate sign-in option for apps and websites.

By using a fingerprint, face scan, or screen lock PIN, users can access their multiple accounts with passkeys, according to Google.

Standards for passkeys were originally created by the FIDO Alliance, a security organization with several major companies as members. Since then, Google, Apple, and Microsoft have been collaborating to make passkeys a reality.

Google Chrome Makes Password-Less Future A Reality; Unveils A Secure  Alternative For Passwords - Tech
Image credit- Mashable

With the release of iOS 16, Apple made its passkey option available, enabling users to use the technology across apps, including Apple Wallet. In October 2022, Passkey support was released for Chrome and Android devices; nevertheless, it is now accessible for all Google accounts, from Gmail to Drive.

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Password selection is notoriously difficult for people. However, adding even a single special character or alphanumeric string won’t provide complete security against malicious users. In contrast, passkeys are typically regarded as being more secure than alternative methods, with Google even describing them as “resistant to online attacks like phishing.”

Google will still offer two-factor authentication and passwords as additional account access methods.

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