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Google Introduces Feature That Now Let’s You Book Cheap Flights

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image credit - imdiatopdayne.in It can be difficult to book a flight. Airfares change a lot, and even if you know where you're going a long time in advance, there's no clear answer as to when you should buy your ticket. Google Flights added a new feature on Monday that gives updated information about when to buy that ticket. Google Flights already told you if the prices for your flight search were low, average, or high compared to the usual prices for the same route in the past. Now you can also see when prices have been the lowest in the past for the dates and place you picked. It works for searches with reliable info on trends. The Google blog post says, "These insights could tell you that the best time to book similar trips is usually two months before departure, which is when you are now." Or you can find that prices drop as the departure date approaches and decide to postpone making a reservation. Either way, you'll be able to make that choice with more security."

Price Tracking

[caption id="attachment_192259" align="aligncenter" width="996"]flights image credit - www.erienewsnow.com[/caption] If now is not a good time to book, you can use Google Flights price tracking feature to be notified when prices drop greatly. This can be set up for certain dates, or you can choose "any dates" if your plans are open and you want to get emails about deals at any time in the next three to six months. 

Price Guarantee

[caption id="attachment_192258" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]compare.jpg image credit - hype.my[/caption] On Google Flights, you can also look for a bright price guarantee badge on some flight results. The blog says that this means the site is sure that the fare won't go down. If you make a reservation and the price goes down, Google will even pay you the difference. "If you book one of these flights, we'll check the price on a daily basis before you fly, and if it goes down, we'll pay you back the difference through Google Pay," the blog post says. "These price guarantees are part of a pilot program for certain Book on Google trips leaving from the US." Also read - Google Messages may introduce satellite texting to 150+ countries

Booking Tips

Even if you aren't planning a trip right now, you might want to keep these specific trips in mind. The blog post says that early October is the best time to book trips for the holiday season. That's a big change from the site's data from 2022, which showed that prices for trips in mid-December were lowest 22 days before travel, on average. And if you want to go from the US to Europe, the site says that these average prices have been lowest 72 days or more before leaving. The post says that the average price of a flight from the US to Europe tends to go up over time once you're about 10 weeks away from leaving for Europe.

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