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Google Promotes the Pixel 7 With Potato Chips in Japan

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Google Promotes the Pixel 7 With Potato Chips in Japan-GadgetAny
Pixel 7 With Potato Chips

Many companies try to employ unique ways to advertise their products to boost sales. But, nothing beats Google Japan’s method of hyping its products with none other than potato chips, which one might consider a favorite snack worldwide. Therefore, like last year, Google Japan promotes the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro with potato chips that correspond to this generation’s color options. Additionally, customers in Japan can enter a lottery and win one of 2,000 boxes (not bags) of potato chips. 

Most importantly, interested customers can sign up for the lottery from September 13 to September 23. To enter, they must submit their name, nickname, address, email address, and phone number. Participants must also consent to entering the promotion and agreeing to Google’s terms and conditions. 

Pixel 7 With Potato Chips


Furthermore, the packaging of the chips sports Pixel 7’s new design for the camera bar with a pill and circle. And in some cases, it just features a pill. In addition, Google Japan launched four flavors of potato chips that correspond to the available colors of the Pixel 7 lineup. The Pixel 7 Pro will come in three official colors – Snow, Hazel, and Obsidian. And the Pixel 7 will be available in Snow and Obsidian, but customers will also have the option for Lemongrass. Hence, the four flavors are – Snow Cheese, Obsidian Pepper, Hazel Onion, and Salty Lemon.

What’s More

Meanwhile, for Pixel 6, Google Japan released different bag designs but only a single flavor – Googley Salty Flavor. In addition, for this year’s Pixel 7, the landing page features the Tenson G2 with Google touting the photo and video quality. 

Pixel 7 With Potato Chips


Moreover, Google wants customers to share these potato chips with friends and family before the Pixel 7 launch this fall. Nonetheless, many Pixel lovers want these chips to be treated as collector’s items and wish it was available globally. 

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