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Google Maps Improves Holiday Commutes

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Google Maps Improves Holiday Commutes-GadgetAny
Google Maps

The festive season is drawing near. Whether we’re talking about buying gifts for people or just visiting family or friends, Christmas includes a lot of travel. Google Maps just added a ton of new features in an effort to make things simpler for you and those travelers.

Several new features have been added to Google Maps just in time for the holidays. Even though these are all small adjustments, they all work to enhance your use of the app and your commute in general. For starters, the app tells you whether a location you’re visiting has entrances that are accessible to wheelchairs, which is helpful for avoiding structures that don’t meet the latest accessibility standards.

Google Maps

You’ll also notice additional filters while searching for charging stations on the app if you drive an electric vehicle. Toggling the “fast charge” filter will now display a number of stations with chargers 50kW or greater that you may use to top up your car faster. This allows you to more precisely determine whether a charging station supports fast charging. Additionally, because automobile charging ports are non-standard, it can be challenging to locate a charging station with the appropriate plug. For this reason, a filter that shows only options that are compatible with your car is being implemented in more nations.

Google Maps

The app’s AR-powered Live View feature is now being made available in other places, including Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and San Francisco. With it, you can quickly check the status of neighboring businesses, whether they are open or closed, and whether something is in front of you or down the block by simply pulling out your phone. If used properly, it can be quite helpful.

All of these capabilities should start appearing in the Google Maps app right away.

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