This Google Maps Feature for EVs Will Let You Save Energy

Google Maps Feature for EVs Will Let You Save Energy

Google Maps provide users with the fastest route possible for their destinations. However, these routes are not energy-efficient every time. For instance, the fastest way might not be the shortest, causing users to spend more fuel driving to their destinations. So, to become more fuel-efficient, last year, Google Maps started offering eco-friendly routes. But, the app is now expanding its energy-efficient routing options by making them specific for electric vehicles, hybrids, etc. 

Besides, not all vehicles have the capability to optimize fuel efficiency with the same techniques. Additionally, the number of electric and hybrid cars on the roads is rapidly increasing. However, many people still use gas or diesel-powered vehicles. But unfortunately, the energy-efficient routes that Google Maps offers might not be the same for traditional ICE (internal combustion engines) and electric cars. Thus, the app is expanding its fuel-efficient route options to tailor to the needs of both types of vehicles. 

Google Maps Feature for EVs Will Let You Save Energy

Furthermore, Google Maps’ latest beta update, version 11.39, includes preparations to allow users to specify the engine type of their vehicles. Thus, users will soon be able to select engine types from gas and diesel to electric and hybrid. Then, Google Maps will “tailor” the navigation to offer users routes that will “save them the most fuel or energy.” Additionally, an option in the app’s settings will enable drivers to switch to a different engine type if needed. 

Moreover, the update falls into Google’s aim to be environmentally conscious. In addition, it is proof that their feature of offering energy-efficient route options to users has been successful so far.

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On another note, the feature’s expansion is currently in beta testing. Therefore, electric and hybrid vehicle owners will probably have to wait a few more months to experience the new fuel-efficient route options by Google Maps. But, when it goes live, it will surely benefit both the driver and the environment.  

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