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Google Maps Rolls Out New Features to Make EV Driving Easier

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(Image credit- Search Engine Journal) Drivers of electric vehicles who are in urgent need of a charging station will now find Google Maps a little bit more useful.

Google Maps New Feature- What Is It?

When using Google Maps in Android Auto to navigate, if your car is selected to be an electric vehicle (EV) in the app settings, it will no longer suggest gas stations at the top of the Categories menu. Instead, charging stations will be in prime locations; these are a much better choice for owners of electric or hybrid vehicles.

Categories Menu Modification

You may quickly search for all surrounding places that fall under a particular category, including restaurants, shops, gas stations, coffee shops, and charging stations, to mention a few, using the Categories menu. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="3500"]Google Maps update shows fast-charging EV stations, new AR views Image credit- CNBC[/caption] Additionally, when you click on one of the categories, the app will pin and suggest a number of places that match your search criteria. While EV drivers typically plan their routes around the locations of charging stations, there will be instances when you're caught off guard and require an emergency recharge for your car. Finding a charging station can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the area you are driving in. It's now much simpler to get started with Google Maps and locate the fluid you need with this Categories menu modification. In addition to informing Google that you have an EV, you can also tell it the kind of charger it uses and the desired charge speed, which will help it better tailor the list of charging choices it suggests. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1400"]Google is adding some new features for EVs with built-in Google Maps - The Verge Image credit- The Verge[/caption] The update now seems to be limited to Google Maps for Android Auto. Regardless of how your vehicle preferences are configured, you can still use the conventional Maps app to look up local charging stations, but the shortcut is more difficult to locate.

Need for more EV-friendly features

This upgrade comes after Google Maps made changes in September that let the app better cater to its personalized route suggestions for EV drivers. Google Maps examines the data it has and proposes the route it believes will be the most efficient, marking it with a green leaf icon, similar to how the feature operates for other vehicle drivers. When the most efficient route isn't the fastest, the time difference between them is typically small. By using the more efficient route, even if it takes longer, you'll use less fuel or charge to travel from point A to point B, hopefully saving you money over the long run. However, Google Maps still has a ways to go. Overcoming the in-car navigation that many EVs have is the biggest challenge. Due to Google Maps' current limitations, this built-in system has the advantage of being aware of the state of the vehicle and frequently updating your route automatically based on how much charge is left in the vehicle. Also read: Google Maps: How To Install Google Maps On PC

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