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Google Messages may introduce satellite texting to 150+ countries

(Image Credit Google)
Image credit : PhoneArena The rumor about Google making it feasible to enable satellite-based texting features to Android devices has gained momentum recently. But now, the more evidence in  the favor of this development has added substance to this rumor. Based on segments of code discovered in the most recent app update, it appears that Google is potentially collaborating with Garmin to introduce satellite-based emergency SOS capabilities to Android smartphones. [caption id="attachment_192097" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]google-messages-satellite-sms Image credit : MySmartPrice[/caption]
In the previous week, a Twitter user named Neïl Rahmouni, identified UI position holders that suggest forthcoming satellite messaging support within Google Messages. Rahmouni is also the individual who spotted potential indications of Garmin's collaboration in this service. Given Garmin's existing array of satellite communication products, a partnership with Google holds water. Collaborating with other satellite operators like Garmin appears to be a strategic move for enhancing the availability of satellite capabilities within the Messages app. Although the exact extent of Garmin's involvement is not entirely clear, improved coverage and accessibility for emergency SOS messaging will undoubtedly provide Google with a competitive edge, particularly in comparison to Apple. Also read : How the iPhone 14's Emergency SOS via Satellite Saved a Hiker's Life Beyond the Google Messages app, there is currently no knowledge of other third-party messaging apps actively working on integrating satellite-based messaging. However, this could change when Google's satellite communications APIs become universally accessible to developers. Through this collaboration, Google and Garmin intend to extend emergency SOS messaging functionality to users of the Google Messages app across more than 150 countries worldwide.

By Awanish Kumar

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