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Google might introduce a new “Wallet” Icon

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Google might introduce a new “Wallet” Icon-GadgetAny
Google Pay

At the beginning of 2022, Google revealed that Google Pay would soon be the next “comprehensive digital wallet.” The announcement came on the heels of the failure of the “new” Google Pay released in November 2020. Additionally, according to a credible source, Google is reportedly working on a new “Wallet” icon. 

How does the “Wallet” look?

The new icon consists of the four Google colors with an actual blue wallet at the bottom. In addition, a cutout is present at the top for easy removal of red, yellow, and green cards. The new “Wallet” design seems similar to Apple’s Wallet icon. However, the latest illustration is more apparent than the current GPay logo. 


Furthermore, it fits Google Pay’s goal of becoming an all-encompassing virtual wallet. The “comprehensive digital wallet” would include “digital tickets, airline passes, and vaccine passports.” Google intends for Pay to “become the connective tissue for the entire consumer finance industry.” 

Moreover, the “Wallet” icon could be a new future for the Google Pay brand. But, the question is – which app will Google update to a “comprehensive digital wallet”? On the one hand, GPay is accessible to users only in the US, India, and Singapore. And it offers peer-to-peer payments, purchasing transit passes, paying for parking/gas, etc. But on the other hand, Google Pay is available worldwide, offering stored payment methods and various stored passes. So, will the new icon replace and update the GPay app or the Google Pay app? Or will users have to download a new app? In any case, all these are just speculations since the new “Wallet” has not yet actually materialized. 

Saloni Behl

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