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Google Offers Cash Back for Incorrect Cheapest Flight Predictions

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source: Chrome Unboxed Google is now offering cashback to users if its prediction for the cheapest flights turns out to be incorrect. The company's search engine is known for providing users with the lowest airfare deals, but occasionally, the price may change after booking. Google is now providing a solution to this problem by offering cashback to users.

How it Works

Google Flights will now offer users a $100 credit towards future bookings if the cheapest fare prediction it provides turns out to be wrong. The credit can be used to book flights and hotels through the Google Travel portal. To be eligible for the cashback, users must have booked the flight through Google Flights and must have received a confirmation email from the airline. If the price of the flight drops after booking, Google Flights will automatically notify the user and offer the cashback. The program is currently available only for flights within the United States, but Google plans to expand it to other regions soon. [caption id="attachment_139753" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] source: MustShareNews[/caption]

Benefits for Users

The new cashback program provides several benefits for users. Firstly, it provides peace of mind, knowing that if the predicted cheapest fare is not accurate, users will still receive some compensation. Additionally, the credit can be used towards future bookings, which makes it a great incentive for users to continue using Google Flights. Also Read: Google Maps To Use AI For A Big Change For Businesses

Benefits for Google

The cashback program is also beneficial for Google as it encourages users to book flights and hotels through its travel portal. This will increase traffic to the website and help Google compete with other popular travel booking sites. Google's new cashback program for incorrect cheapest flight predictions is a welcome addition for travelers looking for affordable deals. The program provides a safety net for users who may be hesitant to book through Google Flights due to the possibility of price changes. Additionally, the program benefits Google by incentivizing users to book through its travel portal, which will increase traffic and revenue. It will be interesting to see how the program develops in the coming months and whether it is expanded to other regions.

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