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Google Pixel 7a Could Be Much Better Than Pixel 6a In Three Big Ways

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Google Pixel 7a Could Be Much Better Than Pixel 6a In Three Big Ways-GadgetAny
Google Pixel 7

The Google Pixel 6a had good cameras, an average screen with a 60Hz refresh rate, and more. Even though the $449 device was one of the better ones in its category, Google is working to make the one that comes after it even better. The Pixel 7a could get a new camera sensor for better photos, a faster refresh rate of 90Hz, and wireless charging.

The Pixel 7a is called “Lynx” behind the scenes, according to tweets from Kuba Wojciechowski, who has been right in the past. He found out everything new by looking into the camera drivers. Wojciechowski found that “Lynx” is a midrange smartphone, and that its camera is called “Pixel 22 Mid-range.” He also found that the name “GN1,” which was used for the Samsung sensor in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, has been taken away.

Google Pixel 6a back view

As the driver gets more specific, it only shows “l10 wide” (IMX787) and “l10 UW” for the cameras (IMX712). This means that the Pixel 7a should have two cameras on the back, one with a main lens and the other with an ultrawide-angle sensor.

The Pixel 6a, on the other hand, has a Sony IMX363 sensor. If the new leak is true, the old Sony sensor will be replaced by the Sony IMX787 sensor, which, when combined with Google’s software processing, should make the camera much better. The Pixel 6a’s main camera wasn’t always reliable, so we hope that the Pixel 7a’s new sensor and better software will fix this problem.

Google Pixel 6a

Aside from the information about the camera, it looks like the Pixel 7a will be able to charge wirelessly. This would be the first time any Pixel device has ever done this. In the US, wireless charging is still seen as a premium feature, so it is only available on top-of-the-line phones for now. But it looks like the speed of wireless charging will only be 5 watts. We hope that this isn’t true, because 5W is too slow for 2022.

Lastly, the Google Pixel 7a is said to have a Samsung 1080p screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz. For those who don’t know, the Pixel 6a could only refresh at 60Hz. You can also expect the new phone to use AI features from Google’s Pixel 7 line.

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