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Google Pixel Fold Hands-on Video Shows It May Be Better Than Z Fold

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Google Pixel Fold Hands-on Video Shows It May Be Better Than Z Fold-GadgetAny
Google Pixel Fold

One of the most eagerly anticipated smartphone launches of 2023 is the Google Pixel Fold, and much like with every other future Google phone, the leaks keep flowing. Most recently, YouTuber Dave2D obtained a Pixel Fold mockup, maybe providing a glimpse of how the device would function in the real world.

The Pixel Fold appears to be very similar to prior models and pictures of the phone based on the dummy build in Dave2D’s video. The Pixel Fold‘s outside screen appears to be substantially shorter and wider than a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, which may make it simpler to use one-handedly.

Stunning Design

That cover screen is anticipated to be a 5.79-inch panel with a 1080 x 2100 resolution, making it shorter and smaller than the 6.2-inch cover screen on the Galaxy Z Fold 4. We anticipate a 7.67-inch internal display with a 2208 x 1840 resolution when the Pixel Fold is opened. The Pixel Fold is likely to feature bigger bezels surrounding the screen where the camera can covertly reside, in contrast to Samsung’s choice to conceal the inner front-facing camera under the display.

And it’s not simply the display specifications that catch my attention. When opened, the dummy model in Dave2D’s video is only 5.7mm thick, which is significantly less than the Fold 4’s 6.3mm breadth. Additionally, compared to the Fold 4, the main display may crumple considerably less noticeably due to the folding mechanism Google is allegedly adopting.

It’s critical to keep in mind that the Pixel Fold depicted in Dave2D’s movie and the photographs uploaded here is allegedly a mockup. It’s extremely likely that Google is still experimenting with the final design, and the final product may differ.

But if this mock-up model is an accurate representation of how the Pixel Fold will actually appear, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

I have two foldables at my disposal, the Oppo Find N and the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and I much like the Oppo device’s form factor. I find it more comfortable to use the cover screen, which is wider, and I like it more when the inner screen is set up in landscape. Additionally, unlike the gap you get in a closed Z Fold 4, the Find N and Find N2 are 100% flush when closed. I’m thrilled to learn that the Pixel Fold will likely offer all of the same features as the Oppo variants based on this mock-up mockup.

Google Pixel Fold

In addition, I believe it is a design that gives the Pixel Fold a very modern appearance. The Pixel camera bar is still present, it’s obviously different from the form factor Samsung chose for the Galaxy Z Fold series, and Google may have the advantage thanks to a thinner chassis and fewer distracting bezels.

When you combine all of that with Google’s camera prowess and the typical Tensor AI magic, it’s hard not to get excited when thinking about the entire Pixel Fold package. I’m more interested than ever to learn more because it has looked fantastic in renders and the fake model displayed here.

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