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Google Pixel Fold Rumors: When Will It Be Set to release, and What Can We Expect from the New Foldable?

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Google Pixel Fold: release date and price rumors, leaked specs, and more (Image credit- Digital Trends)

The first Pixel Fold is reportedly due shortly, and Google is preparing for an upcoming rumored device from the company that will kickstart its foldable device development. Even though there are many unresolved questions and there have been no references to the smartphone, reports, and speculations claim that Google is already on track to introduce the product by June of this year. The Pixel Fold reports went viral earlier this year because Google is entering a brand-new smartphone market that will soon introduce the world to a foldable touchscreen phone.
As per reports, rumors suggest that the company is getting ready to release the Pixel Fold, its first foldable device. Additionally, after releasing seven iterations of the device with a customary, flat screen surface for its display, it will be the first foldable from Google's Pixel series. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Here Is The Expected Launch Date Of Google Pixel Fold | Cashify News Image credit- Cashify News[/caption] Additionally, according to the reports, Google may unveil the Pixel Fold in May as part of its yearly I/O event. However, both of these timeframes take into account the release of Google's first foldable device as part of the Pixel series, which will feature a bigger screen and broad display that users can fold when not in use. What to Expect from the Pixel Fold?  According to the reports, Google will use the Tensor G2 processor, its most recent SoC, to power the Pixel Fold, and it will come preloaded with 256 GB of built-in storage. Along with "porcelain" color options, the Pixel Fold will also be available in the "carbon" hue, which is a blend of either black or grey. The price that Google will charge for the Pixel Fold is still unclear, but foldable phones can cost up to $1,500 to $1,800, which is about the same as the Z Fold 4's price. Google is well-known for its Pixel brand of smartphones, which it created to introduce the world to a new version of Android that provides users with its native features and abilities. It makes complete sense for the Pixel to be the first among the competition for Android features and updates, given that both are governed by the internet company. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2560"]Google Pixel Fold Roundup: What we know about the upcoming foldable from  Google - Smartprix Image credit- Smartprix[/caption] The Pixel Fold device has been the subject of numerous leaks from Google insiders, and the early discussions about it focus on how well it will perform compared to its rivals in the market. A benchmark test suggested that the Pixel Fold is considerably faster than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, but there is no way to confirm this since the product has not yet been widely released or available to the public. Also read: Why We Would Nominate Google Pixel Fold As The Best Foldable Phone In The Coming Year? Google is speculated to be getting ready to launch its own technology in light of the success of the Pixel lineup in the market and the fact that the majority of Android developers are already planning to unveil newly foldable to enhance displays. With less than three months until its public debut, the Pixel Fold is reportedly getting close to its release date.

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