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Google Planning To Add Emoji Reaction To Gmail

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Google Planning To Add Emoji Reaction To Gmail-GadgetAny

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Google is working on a Gmail tool that would let the person who gets an email reply with an emoji. The Tape Drive with Steve Moser says that code hidden in the iOS Gmail app shows that the email would have an emoji response button. When the user taps it, he or she would see a list of emoji responses from which he or she could choose. 

Google is changing to Gmail to let people respond to messages with emoji. The tool is still being worked on, so the public can’t use it yet. Hidden code in Gmail for iOS suggests that the “Emoji reactions” function would work like it does in other email apps like Outlook. To respond to an email with an emoji, users would probably click the emoji responses button on the email and then choose an emoji from the menu. After that, the emoji would show up on the text.

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You can only use Emoji responses in certain situations:

  • This was sent to you via BCC, so you can’t use an emoji to respond.
  • Encrypted texts can’t be replied to.
  • You can’t use an emoji to talk to a big group.
  • You can’t use an emoji more than a certain number of times.

Emoji responses would be a great thing for Gmail to have. It would make it easy for people to say what they think and feel about texts without having to type them out. This could be helpful for emails that are long or hard to understand.

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Google hasn’t said when the emoji reactions tool for Gmail will be ready. But since it is still being made, it is possible that users will be able to use it in the near future. The Tape Drive says the emoji responses to Gmail will work like Microsoft’s Outlook.

What Are Some Benefits Of Emoji Reactions In Gmail?

Emoji reactions are popular on social media platforms and email apps (like Outlook), so it makes sense for Google to add this feature to Gmail. We don’t know if both iOS and Android Gmail users will get the update at the same time. We only know that the secret code was found in the iOS version of the Gmail app.

But here are some positive things about emoji reactions in Gmail:

  • They can help you say what you think and feel quickly and easily.
  • They can make a talk more fun and interesting.
  • They can help cut down on how much typing needs to be done.
  • They can show a wide range of feelings, from happiness to sadness to anger.

Emoji responses could make Gmail a faster and more fun way to send and receive messages.

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