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Google Play Books gets a redesign on 10th anniversary of Play Store

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Google Play Books is the one app from which you can choose books to read from 4 million books you need to buy to enjoy, audiobooks, comics, and manga.  You can also read your favorite books offline, and if you want to publish your books on Google Play Books, there are no extra charges. The Google Play Books user interface offers a great reading experience as it lets you comfortably read any book. Moreover, it allows you to spend time with your favorite books on Android or Google Play Books user interfaces and your PCs or laptop. If you want to read books through different devices according to your convenience, you can use Google Play Books to download and read books. Also, there is the option to upload and print the books for your reference. Google Play Books gets a redesign on 10th anniversary of Play Store To buy the books from the Google Play Books app, you can select the books you want and then complete the purchase procedures on-screen. You can enjoy ebooks from anywhere by using Google Play Books, and after Google Keep, this app is one of the most popular apps among users, especially for bibliophiles. Although the Play Books website for your library did not appear for years, and if anyone wanted to read the books, it was taking over as late. While the Play Store received the redesign of the library interface in Thailand and Korea, your books are still changing their destinations to the old site version. Google Play Books on the web now meet the rest of the features in the account of 10the anniversary Play Store redesign. In addition, it implies that now you need not struggle through the slow-down process when using the Android app on your older devices just to read or listen to audiobooks. Google Play Books gets a redesign on 10th anniversary of Play Store The new redesign prevented the buttery soft experience of reading books or listening to audiobooks by loading it to the browser. However, you didn't experience that ambient carousel recently added to the top of the Android app. The mobile app's clean and manageable shelves with rounded corners and drop shadows now change to front and center-aligned. In 2019, the terms and conditions were listed for Google Play Books, which offers a 70% revenue split on ebook sales in most Google Play Books apps, supported countries that accepted their policies. Although, the default revenue split is 52% for partners who have not accepted their updated TOS and for ebook sales in certain countries. Meanwhile, Google Play Pass lets you select either one of its plans; for one month, Play Pass will cost you $4.99, and for one year, Play Pass will cost you $29.99. Also, it allows you to cancel the plan monthly, whether you utilize it or not, for the entire year.

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