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Google Play Is Annoyed by Ads

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Google Play Is Annoyed by Ads-GadgetAny
Google Play ads

They are not going to vanish, but they shall be less.
New advertising rules are taking place in Google Play to reduce the in-app ads irritation.

There are various ways to limit the ads in your Android web browser. However, ad management for a specific app is critical. These elements aren’t disappearing entirely, but Google play is working towards making them less annoying.

Better ads Standard has inspired the mobile platforms to exercise new rules to stop full-screen ads in games and other Android Apps. So, the new law is that when the user is doing something else, the ads will not appear. Also, the ads will be prohibited on the game’s loading screen. 

Google Play adsFull-screen ads that are longer than 15 seconds and can’t be closed will also stop. However, the ads on the game score screen are allowed and will continue; they can be longer than 15 seconds.

The idea is not to interrupt the user between the games because it also hampers their performance. But the critical part of the news is that this rule does not apply to all kinds of ads. Such as banner ads, ads integrated into a video, and those who don’t interfere with tasks will not be restricted. Also, users opt into ads like you can watch videos to earn rewards. These new rules will be implemented from September 30, 2022, and will apply automatically to all new and existing apps.

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