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Google Releases Android 14 Beta 4, Bringing New Features and Fixes for Developers

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Google Releases Android 14 Beta 4, Bringing New Features and Fixes for Developers-GadgetAny
Android 14

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The Android 14 Beta 4 has finally been released by Google as it prepares to release its newest operating system for its newest Pixel devices. Later this year, Android 14 will make its formal debut.

Google releases Android 14 beta version 4

For the Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold, and the rest of the supported Pixel family, Google’s Android 14 Beta 4 is now accessible. Users can now test out Google’s enhanced large-screen and foldable device experiences on a variety of devices with different form factors.

It’s important to note that Android 14 Beta 4 is Google’s second Platform Stable release. Users are able to view all app-facing behaviors and developer APIs as well as publish apps on Google Play to devices running Android 14 at the official API level.

Android 14 Beta 4 is here, bringing support for the Pixel Fold and Tablet |  Android Central
Image credit- Android Central

Google stated that now is a good time to finish compatibility testing and make any necessary modifications to ensure a seamless app experience before the official release of Android 14 later this year.

If a user develops an SDK, library, tool, or game engine, Google says it’s even more important to release any necessary modifications now to avoid preventing future app and game creators with compatibility issues.

According to Google, “Testing your app involves installing your production app onto a device running Android 14 Beta 4; you can use Google Play or other means. Work through all the app’s flows and look for functional or UI issues. Review the behavior changes to focus your testing”.

Android 14 features are recommended for developers to look over before they can make sure they have all the necessary tools to test their apps and collect user feedback.

Google Releases Android 14 Beta 4 - Thurrott.com
Image credit- Thurrott.com

The 64-bit Android Emulator system images for the Pixel Tablet or Pixel Fold configurations given in the most recent Android Studio SDK Manager preview, claims the company, are the easiest way to get started.

All three of the newest Pixel models, the Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel Fold are compatible with one another and may require registration in order to receive future over-the-air updates to Android 14 Beta.

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Steps for Installing Android 14 Beta 4

Google suggested developers try out Android Studio Hedgehog’s most current release, which features the Android SDK Upgrade Assistant, for a better Android 14 development experience. After everything is set up, they should do the following:

1. Test the new features and APIs to the test. Problems can be reported to the tracker on the feedback page.

2. Verify a current app’s compatibility to check if the default behavior changes in Android 14 have an effect on it. On a device or emulator using Android 14, install the app and give it a complete test run.

3. Test your app with the opt-in behavior modifications that Android 14 has; they only affect apps that are designed to run on the new platform.

4. Use the Android SDK Upgrade Assistant to update your app.


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