Google Renamed Its Lightweight Camera App “Camera Go”, Details Inside

As per reports, Google removed “Go” from “Gallery Go” in May. Simultaneously, the company continues to remove that old branding by renaming “Camera Go” to “Camera Google.”

The lightweight camera app, “Camera Go” ( now Camera from Google), was released by Google in version3.3; previously, it was 2.12 in mid-May for low-end Android phones.

Substantially, the user interface design of this camera app is lighter, and the primary purpose is to show the users how much memory is left to store new photos. It also indicates how many more photos users can still take by it.

On pixel phones, you can get this lightweight camera app named “Camera” from “Camera Go” with nearly the same color palette logo as the old icon. However, contrary to this, the Play Store listing has been remarkably renamed from “Camera Go” to “Camera by Google.”

As per reports, Google removed "Go" from "Gallery Go" in May. Simultaneously, the company continues to remove that old branding by renaming "Camera Go" to "Camera Google."

What is Google’s Camera app, and how does it help you to take beautiful pictures?

The Google Camera application is explicitly designed for Android devices that are rock-bottom in nature. Using the Camera application, people can click good-quality photographs from budget-oriented devices with the average camera hardware.

How it works:

  • Google Camera app uses an advanced photographic algorithm and delivers professional look photos by using portrait mode to slightly blur the background.
  • You can capture high dynamic images in low-light conditions at night mode by maintaining evocative colors and sharp details.
  • Google Camera app makes sure that you never miss your perfect picture moment by reminding you to clear the space in the memory formerly to store new photos.
  • You can customize the in-built lenses into the Camera app to use foreign languages according to your convenience.
  • The HDR mode in the Camera app also reduces the difference in illumination of lighter and darker parts of an image, generating precisely well-illuminated pictures.


However, with the rebranding of Camera and Gallery by dropping the “Go” it’s clear that some more changes will be done as YouTube Go is also shutting down in the next month.

Moreover, the Android 12 Go released its official name, announced in December with noteworthy improvements. Most probably should notify the next version by the end of the year if Google carries on its services on the Android Go platform.

Meanwhile, whether the company is simply rebranding or taking a new approach to reach the subsequent billion users is ambiguous. At the time, you can bring affordable hardware to meet the professional camera photos by using the lightweight Camera app.

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