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Google Results To Deprioritise Low-Quality & Unoriginal Content

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Google Results To Deprioritise Low-Quality & Unoriginal Content-GadgetAny
google results

Google is rolling out new updates that will cut down on poor-quality, unoriginal content on its search results, making it easier for individuals to find helpful content. The new search updates will work to cut down on low-quality or unoriginal content ranking highly in Search results. The launch of new rankings improvements comes simultaneously with Google’s recent confirmation that TikTok is restricting its search offering.

In addition to the announcement about new search updates, Google said Google is rolling out updates over the next few weeks that will help find quality, original reviews more easily. Moreover, Google Chrome already boasts a built-in phishing detection system. It scans pages to determine if any of them match known malicious sites

Google results

The search engine has continued refining its systems, and the search giant is rolling out another update in the coming weeks to make it even easier to find high-quality, original reviews.

Next week, the search engine will launch an update for “helpful content” to address what appears to have been mainly created for search engine rankings, not for helping or informing people. The search update, which is rolling out for English-speaking users next week, enables people to discover helpful content created by people more easily. Furthermore, Google intends to make the Workspace more enjoyable with various updates. One of the most exciting and awaited new Google Meet updates is the in-meeting emoji reactions.

Google announced today it is rolling out new search updates in the coming weeks, which aim to make it easier for people to find quality content. Google is updating Search to make high-quality content more discoverable. Google is updating Search to reduce clickbait and make results more useful and relevant, prioritizing original, truthful reviews over recycled information. 

Google has announced several key updates to their search algorithm, aiming to highlight higher-value results created by humans rather than webpages designed solely with SERP rankings in mind.

Google results

Google also announced a new update to the Google Review ranking process, designed to highlight high-quality, helpful reviews within the SERPs. Last year, Google kicked off several updates designed to show more valuable, in-depth reviews based on real-world expertise in Search results. To make it easier for users to find useful content created specifically by people, for people, Google is rolling out a number of updates to search starting next week for English users around the world, said Danny Sullivan, public relations manager for Search. Also, Google Chrome already boasts a built-in phishing detection system. It scans pages to determine if any of them matches known malicious sites.

Google results

The updates build on a previous update that Google introduced to Search, changing the way that product reviews are displayed on Search. Thursday’s announcement by Google includes changes coming in two updates over the next few weeks, which are intended to address users’ complaints from the past year about results becoming flooded with mostly aggregation-based, less-helpful content. This update will help ensure unoriginal, low-quality content does not rank high in search, especially for content related to education, entertainment, shopping, and technology, it said in a blog post late Thursday. Also, check out the Google recently released a blog post that it is bringing three new updates to Google Maps.

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