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Google rolls out an AI coding bot for Android developers

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Google rolls out an AI coding bot for Android developers-GadgetAny
Google’s Bard: Your Personal AI Coding Assistant

For Android developers, Google is introducing a new AI-powered coding bot. Google revealed the Studio Bot tool, which will assist developers in building apps by producing code, correcting issues, and responding to inquiries about Android, during its I/O event on Wednesday.

The bot, according to Google, is based on the improved PaLM 2 large language model (LLM), which is the company’s new foundational coding model (Codey). The Kotlin and Java programming languages are supported by Studio Bot, which is integrated into Android Studio’s toolbar. Developers can ask questions there and receive prompt responses, or they can even request that the bot debug some of their code.

The firm will obtain information on the interactions users have with Studio Bot, despite the fact that Google says developers don’t have to share their source code with it in order to use the tool. The bot is currently in “very early days,” according to Google, but it will continue to be trained to provide better answers. There is no information on when it will be launched internationally, and it is presently only accessible to developers in the US via the Canary channel.

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The newly released AI-powered coding tool is a result of Google’s ongoing AI research efforts. Google has been steadily rolling out new features to its Bard chatbot since making it accessible in early access in March, including the capacity to produce, debug, and explain lines of code. Microsoft and Amazon, who also offer AI-powered coding tools of their own that developers can integrate into a number of integrated development environments (IDE), compete with Google by packaging these capabilities in a standalone coding assistant.

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Amazon released CodeWhisperer to developers this month, while Microsoft earlier this year added a ChatGPT-like assistant to GitHub Copilot. Although Studio Bot is solely beneficial for Android developers, it has a much smaller audience than the other coding assistants on Amazon and GitHub. Duet AI, a new coding tool from Google, is only accessible to Google Cloud subscribers, but it should help close the gap.

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