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Google Rolls Out Controls Redesigned For Smart Home Apps

(Image Credit Google)
Google Home app redesigns controls for TVs, vacuums, fans, and more before the next generation design. According to Google, fans, purifiers, blinds, TVs, and other intelligent devices would benefit from the changes, which can be controlled easily. Most certainly, Google refers to the page in the Home feed when a device is selected. There is no mention of the camera, speakers, and smart display. We do not know if the new feature is only for Google home televisions or will also be available for Chromecast screens. Also, it is unclear if the recent changes will be only for beautifying purposes or if there will be enhancements in functionality too. Google Rolls Out Controls Redesigned For Smart Home Apps The new feature is coming out with the 2.57 version of Google Home and will be rolled out for Android, and is available on iOS. Most likely, the change is on the server side, as there are no visible changes after the update. In the primary grid, Google Home introduced toggles with interactive devices in the last update through which actions like play, pause, on and off, volume, etc. can be quickly accessed with a single tap or slide. The Home Feed tab was also redesigned with a compact list to show the updates that are more recent and relevant. Optimizing the tabs also seems to be making its way. With the controls being redesigned, the next-gen design will focus on home screens, but many are assuming that there will be architectural and performance changes in the app.

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