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Google Rolls Out First-Gen Nest Cams In Google Home

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image credit - engadget.com Google announced at its I/O developer conference earlier this year that Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor devices from the first generation could be moved from the old Nest app to the new Home app. Well, the time has come, at least for the camera inside. Google has just started letting people use the public test version of its Home app to control the camera model. It will take a few weeks for all users to have this feature. Before Google bought the company that made the Nest cameras, the cameras had their own app. Over time, Google added support for all of its smart home products to its Home app. However, users of the oldest Nest cams had to keep using the original app to control their devices. With this update, as long as the user is on the public test, they will be able to access their first-generation Nest Cam Indoor device through the Home app and enjoy the updated camera history. They will also be able to add the camera to their "Favorites" tab so that when they open the app, the camera's feed is already there. [caption id="attachment_191851" align="aligncenter" width="2537"]vNTQGfw3LDKjVen44Kbgt5 image credit - androidcentral.com[/caption]

Themes of Trends

  • Transitioning Indoor Nest Cameras - Google lets users move their Indoor Nest camera from the first version to the new Home app platform, which makes the experience more seamless.
  • Using the Home app to control cameras - Users can now control their Nest cameras through the Home app, which gives them more power and makes things easier.
  • Improved Camera Feed Access - With the update, users can add their favorite cameras to a separate tab, which makes it easier and faster to get to the feed.
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Effects on the Industry

  • Home Security - When Indoor Nest cams move to the Home app platform, it opens the door to better home security systems and services.
  • Smart Home Technology - The integration of Nest cameras into the Home app shows how the smart home technology business has a lot of room for growth.
Mobile Applications -The change to managing cameras through the Home app gives developers in the mobile applications business a chance to make the user experience better.

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