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Google to add loud sound alerts on Pixel phones to protect your hearing

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Google to add loud sound alerts on Pixel phones to protect your hearing-GadgetAny
Google Pixel Fold

Image credit : CNET

Google Pixel devices offer a ton of accessibility features to make life easier, just like many of the top Android phones do. A step further is taken by apps like Digital Wellbeing on Pixels, which proactively display warnings for potentially dangerous diseases like sleep apnea. There is already enough proof to assume that Google is creating a new warning for loud noises that can harm hearing, this time disseminated via the At a Glance widget.

Apple devices have featured an alarm feature that warns users of sounds that, after repeated exposure, could permanently harm their hearing. 9to5The At a Glance widget included into the Pixel Launcher may soon get similar alerts, according to code that Google has discovered. Such warnings could help people avoid lifelong hearing loss at noisy events like concerts, construction sites, and other events.

Pixel 7 A
Image credit : 9to5Google

The loud sound alerts on the At a Glance widget might be a part of the Android System Intelligence (ASI) component updates sent through the Play Store, in contrast to the cough and snoring detection functionality, which depends on the Digital Wellbeing app to work. The ASI component’s version T.23 has the following lines of code that allude to the brand-new “Loud sound alert” capability:

Note :

<string name=”echo_smartspace_loud_sound_alert_toggle_title”>Loud sound alert</string>

A closer examination of the most recent ASI update indicates that Google has changed the order in which the toggles for At a Glance alerts are selected. A few feature titles have changed in the menu, and sensitive material on the lock screen and package delivery now have different icons. Notably, the Control using data from apps option has replaced Personalize using app data.

 At a Glance Settings
At a Glance settings before the update (left); New icons and re-sequenced options after the update (right)

Given that it already provides alerts for package and food deliveries, displays timers running on your Nest speakers, and displays AQI alerts when appropriate, this is simply one more thing the useful At a Glance widget might do.

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For once, we don’t mind that Google is taking its time to copy an iOS feature, provided that it does so correctly. However, if these alerts are also sent to the Pixel Watch, Google’s implementation might be even better.

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