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Google to Deliver 3 Years of Wear OS Updates for the Pixel Watch

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Google to Deliver 3 Years of Wear OS Updates for the Pixel Watch-GadgetAny
Google Pixel Watch

Google revealed that the Wear OS gadget will receive “at least” 3 years of updates as part of the Pixel Watch rollout. Additionally, that time frame will begin “from when the device first became available on the Google Store in the US.” Hence, the first-generation Pixel Watch will receive “guaranteed software updates until at least” October 2025.

Furthermore, according to Google, “software updates include Google Pixel Watch security updates, and may include feature drops and other software updates.”

Google Pixel Watch

However, the company does not differentiate between “Guaranteed Android version updates” and “Guaranteed security updates” when it comes to watches and “Guaranteed software updates.” Nonetheless, the next major Wear OS update will likely be based on Android 13, according to past history (Android 9) and Wear OS 3.5’s use of Android 11. But, Play Store is the place where Google delivers the majority of updates to the wearable platform via apps or services.

Google Pixel Watch

On another note, Google is using almost exactly the same phrasing on the website for Pixel phone upgrades in this support article titled “Learn when you’ll get software updates on Google Pixel Watch.” Hence, in light of this, it’s unsurprising that the company applied the idea of “feature drops” to the Pixel Watch. Besides, Google emphasized those quarterly releases as a selling factor when launching the Pixel 7.

What’s More

Google merely states that Pixel Watch updates will happen on a “regular” basis when it comes to frequency. In addition, the Pixel phone support document states the same thing, although we are aware that this happens every month.

Google Pixel Watch

On the other hand, if you consider the Wear OS landscape as a whole, it’s unclear if Google will provide security patches for the Pixel Watch every month. Besides, regarding the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung did deliver three security patch level updates (2022-01, -03, and -05) over a three-month period (February to May) earlier this year. But, there is otherwise no consistency. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch Series 3 received updates for over 5 years, whereas Samsung has promised “up to” 4 years of updates.

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