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Google to introduce new A.I. models for ads and help YouTube creators

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai (Image credit : Business Today) According to CNBC, Google's initiative to quickly integrate new artificial intelligence technologies into its core products is spreading to the ad industry. According to internal documents, the corporation has approved plans to automate advertising and ad-supported consumer services using generative AI powered by large language models (LLMs). PaLM 2, Google's most recent and potent LLM, was released last week. It was trained on tons of text data and is capable of responding to inquiries and orders in a way that is reminiscent of a human. According to papers, some Google units are now preparing to employ PaLM 2-powered tools to let advertisers create their own media assets and recommend videos for YouTube producers to develop. [caption id="attachment_170852" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]AI Image credit : Giant Freakin Robot[/caption] For things like titles and descriptions, Google has also been trying PaLM 2 for YouTube kid content. The business has been experimenting with the idea of offering five video ideas based on issues that seem interesting to producers by employing the technology. Google and its rivals, including Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon, are scrambling to incorporate their most advanced models into as many products as they can given the rapid adoption of AI chatbots in the tech sector and the attention of Wall Street. Since Microsoft-backed OpenAI's ChatGPT went public late last year, raising concerns that the future of internet search was suddenly up for grabs, the urgency has been especially intense at Google. Google, meanwhile, has been stuck in a multi-quarter run of subdued revenue growth following nearly 20 years of steady and quick growth. Since last year, advertisers have been cutting back on their online marketing budgets, causing turmoil on Google, Facebook, and other platforms. With regard to Google, the majority of industries have seen a decline in paid search advertising conversion rates this year. According to the documents, Google intends to employ generative AI capabilities in addition to search, email, and spreadsheets to raise spending in order to grow revenue and enhance margins. According to the documents, an AI-powered customer assistance approach may be implemented across more than 100 Google products, including the Google Play Store, Gmail, Android Search, and Maps. [caption id="attachment_170935" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Google Image credit : NPR[/caption] Automated assistance Before offering an advertising strategy that would best suit an enquiring customer, chatbots could answer particular queries in short, basic phrases and allow for follow-up inquiries. A representative at Google declined to comment. Google has introduced Google Duet and Chat support, enabling users to ask questions about the cloud in easy natural language and receive detailed implementation plans for their projects or instructions on how to use specific cloud services or capabilities. According to the docs, Google is also developing an internal image generating tool that is similar to Stable Diffusion. Similar to OpenAI's DALL-E, Stable Diffusion's technology can quickly create graphics in a variety of styles when given text-based instructions from the user. Also read : Meta to Use AI to Revolutionize Ad Creation It's not shocking that Google intends to integrate their newest AI models into advertising. The AI Sandbox, a "testing playground" for advertisers to experiment out new generative AI-powered ad solutions, was revealed by Facebook parent company Meta last week. Updates to Meta Advantage, a collection of automated tools and products that advertisers may utilize to improve their campaigns, were also made public by the firm. On May 23, Google will unveil brand-new advertising technology at Google Marketing Live, its yearly conference. Although the firm hasn't provided any details about what it would be announcing, it has stated that AI will be a major focus. “You’ll discover how our AI-powered ads solutions can help multiply your marketing expertise and drive powerful business results in today’s changing economy,” the website for the event says.

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