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Google to launch tools to detect misleading AI images.

(Image Credit Google)
Image credit : The New York Times In the age of AI, startups are tackling picture verification; with industry assistance, Google's lower-tech features might have a significant influence. In order to stop the spread of false information, especially now that photorealistic fakes are so easy to make thanks to artificial intelligence capabilities, Google is introducing two new features to its picture search. The first new feature from Alphabet Inc. is named "About this image," and it provides more information by indicating when an image or ones that are similar to it were originally indexed by Google, where they first appeared, and other places they have appeared online. The purpose is to assist users in identifying the original source while contextualizing an image with any discrediting information that may have been supplied by news organizations. [caption id="attachment_173226" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]figure-top-new-google-search-tool-will-distinguish-real-images-from-ai-generated-phonies Image credit : ZDNET[/caption] Every AI-generated image produced by Google's tools will be marked as such, and the company is collaborating with other platforms and services to ensure that the markup is included in the files they distribute. Among the publishers Google has on board are Midjourney and Shutterstock, and the objective is to make sure that every AI material that appears in search results is tagged as such. Also read : Apple Pay, Card, and Cash Issue Fixed: Here’s What happened In the age of AI, the provenance of online photos is a rising problem, and several businesses are developing solutions for verification and authentication. For instance, Truepic Inc., which is supported by Microsoft, provides solutions that guarantee an image hasn't been altered from capture to transmission. Although Google's new features, which are being released throughout this year, are relatively low-tech, they could have a greater positive impact if they receive enough industry backing.

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