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Google Translate is poised to get more smarter thanks to AI

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Google Translate is poised to get more smarter thanks to AI-GadgetAny

Updates to Google’s Translate app for iOS, Android, and the web were just announced. To help you learn more about your target language, the business will provide more context to translations. To do this, it will also use a lot more AI power in Translate.

First, Google is utilizing AI to enhance image translation and provide more context to transitions. The first is intended to aid individuals in correctly understanding words with various meanings.

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“Novel” is used as an example by Google. This could refer to a book, something novel, or anything distinct and original. In order to help you choose the appropriate word for the situation, Translate now uses AI to give contextual information. Over the coming weeks, Google will enable this feature in English, French, German, and Spanish.

The second feature correctly positions translated text on an image using machine learning (ML) and AI. Google currently shows text in an overlay that might or might not display correctly. Google claims that if you’re using an Android phone with more than 6GB of RAM, the text will now be appropriately blended into the image so that it appears more “natural.”

Following the introduction of the Material You redesign for Android phones, Google is also delivering a new design to the iOS app. It’s unclear whether Google will use the same aesthetic or one that adheres more closely to Apple’s Human Interface Design principles, as the business has stated it aims to do. Anyhow, the updated look will feature a “redesigned Translate experience” that “provides a wider canvas for typing and more accessible entry points for translating chats, voice input, and Lens camera translation.” New gestures, a more readable font, and support for more languages when utilizing on-device translation will be available on both iOS and Android. Support for Basque, Corsican, Hawaiian, Hmong, Kurdish, Latin, Luxembourgish, Sundanese, Yiddish, and Zulu are among the languages highlighted.

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Photo Credit: Engadget

Google has always employed some AI in its services, but with the recent advent of generative AI, businesses like Google (and Microsoft’s new Bing experience) are much more eager to tout how effective and beneficial their AI is. The Google Translate app is an excellent tool for travelers, and these changes at least avoid the more difficult problems that AI use is encountering this year.

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