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Google TV vs YouTube TV: Which Is the Better Option

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Google TV vs YouTube TV: Which Is the Better Option-GadgetAny
Google TV vs Youtube TV

Though Google TV and Youtube TV are both online platforms but are pretty different in the services, they provide.

Google TV was launched in September 2020 in competition with other OTT platforms giving rise to the comparison between Youtube TV and Google TV despite them not being rivals or competitors.

Google TV combines the TV store and digital movies from Google Play, and the dashboard shows content from other streaming platforms. And with Google TV, you can buy or rent a movie or a show from Google Play Movies and also from the TV. In addition, there is scope for you to check the linked devices through the dashboard. However, the main concern is that Google TV is unavailable for all programs.

YouTube TV

Youtube, on the other hand, is an alternative to conventional cable givers enabling you to watch live TV channels, including a DVR feature that provides the ease to manage the content later at your convenience. Moreover, Youtube allows you to record unlimited content through the cloud DVR. Youtube comes with 85+ live channels from TV, and the Apps from Youtube TV are available on mostly all platforms. But the content that is in demand is somewhat limited.

You can purchase or rent out TV shows and movies through Google TV. There is an app for Google TV on android devices and functions with the OS via Chromecast using smart TVs and Google TV sticks. With Google TV, the experience is much more aligned with Google in providing one-on-one recommendations in the search.

Youtube is steady compared to Google TV in terms of supporting the device and app. Youtube is commonly found on most platforms like TVs, Fire TV Stick, Roku, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Chromecast, etc. There is consistency in all the versions of the app. You can add up to five members to the profile in the account, allowing each member to create their own entertainment space.

Google TV

Comparing cost efficiency between the two streams is difficult as both are different. For example, the Google TV app is free to use on the devices it supports, but there is an additional fee for watching movies from Google.

A monthly subscription of $64.99 to Youtube allows you to watch 85 channels. In addition, you can add premium channels ranging from $5 to $15 per month. And some channels like HBO Max, Showtime, and Starz can be viewed by paying a fee of $25 per month. Google TV comes with a pre-installed youtube app; if it is not, you can find it on the app store.


Google TV is meant for users looking to buy and rent digital content. Youtube TV is intended for people who want to watch live TV shows.

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