Google TV’s Latest Update, Now Supports Multi Users Profiles

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After a long delay, Google has announced that users can sign in from more than one Google account on a single device. 

Earlier in late 2020, Google introduced the Google TV software and dashboard. It is one of the important features that was delivered with its namesake Chromecast with Google TV. Although, previously, Google Tv allowed only one user profile and later added a kid’s profile. But then, too, it was restricted to only one user profile at a time.

Now, Google TV users can enjoy adding multiple user profiles to their devices. The tech-giant has rolled out a server-side update which is now live. To enjoy Google TV‘s new feature, users need to reboot and reinstall the application on their device and sign in with more than one user profile.

google tv

After adding more Google accounts, you will be able to customize the interface with your own watch lists and recommendations that pop up based on your viewing preferences. With this novel feature, Google hopes to help you reduce the time you take to decide what to view the next.

Last year, Google Tv announced this update in October. It will allow up to 12 profiles on a single device, and users can get individual login details and apps downloaded on their profiles but excluding kid’s profiles. Also, users can learn about the weather, news, sports, and podcasts, which are telecast on screensaver by default.

Here are some steps to be followed to get the benefits of this new feature of Google TV :

  • Add a profile

  1. Click on the top right corner of the Google TV home screen and tap on your profile picture.
  2. Select your name and go to Add account.
  3. Select add an account.
  4. Complete the profile setup.
  5. Now you can select the streaming service you want to use on your profile.

Remove or manage the profile.

  1. Click on the top right corner of the Google TV home screen and select settings.
  2. Sign in from the google account that you want to remove.
  3. Select Remove and remove an account.

Or you can simply log out from the google account, which you want to remove from the Google TV user’s profile.

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